Thursday, October 16, 2003

Surprise! Not Doing Work!

Angel rocked last night. Angel has no reason to help Spike and many reasons to hate his "grandson." One being Spike got to have sex with Buffy frequently. Um...That may be it really. Anyway, how could they have had a werewolf episode and not even make reference to Oz? Seth Green is a big time star so he has no time to appear but shouldn't he have been at least mentioned? If I remember correctly, Angel and Oz got along fine. John Billingsley must have quite the contract to appear on Stargate: SG-1 and this show since all three are done by three different production companies. The previews say there will be brief nudity next week so set your VCR, Lady Vader!

Why has no one ever come up with kryptonite bullets before? That seems like a no brainer to me although, I will admit, even I had never thought of it. Once again, Lana complains Clark won't let her in. He was telling her the truth though. He did not gain special abilities from the meteor. Quite the opposite in fact. I hope Clark doesn't take Lana's comment about how she wished the meteor shower never happened too seriously. If she knew the truth about the matter, she'd fell differently.

In case I forget to to talk about this with Sataideuce, or Deuce I guess he's calling himself these days, I read at Cinescape that a casting call has gone out for two new characters being added to Stargate: SG-1. To me, the addition of a "Col. Hooper" would seem to suggest the item in TV Guide this past summer about O'Neill being promoted would seem to be true. The other character is a female Daniel Jackson who apparently thought his ideas were crap! Officially, according to Cinescape, only Anderson has signed on for season 8. Does this mean Daniel Jackson will be gone again or that he'll have competition? GateWorld has mentioned nothing on the subject so far.

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