Thursday, October 02, 2003

So Much to Say

Angel was so awesome last night. Having both Spike and Harmony on the show will make this show sooo goood. ("Blondie Bear!") The angle of actually behaving like lawyers with scummy clients brings an interesting angle to the show. I can't wait to see how exactly they work this to their advantage. Making Gunn into "Lawyer Boy" was a good move. They need one to make this work and, as Eve pointed out, he had nothing much going for him. Two questions, will those commandos ever follow orders or must they all be killed and just how long can you keep a character in a coma when everybody knows the actress is no longer on the show?

Smallville: I'm curious how this season will go. The current storyline, as good as it is, can only go so long but then what do they do? If they follow the comic, Lana won't discover Clark's secret until next season, or at least this year's season finale. Unless, Jonathan can actually stop "Kal," I'm afraid the secret won't last that long. Lana is going to see the scar probably sooner than later. Another thing about Jonathan's new powers: It appears he figured out how to fly after having the ability for like an hour when Clark still hasn't figured it out. WTF?

Topic three: The Red Sox. They so had that game last night yet the bullpen blows it. Timlin seems to be the only member who doesn't have long periods of suckage. He can't pitch three innings a game, every game. Somebody else better show some stability or this will be yet another losing season. It's possible Kim might have gotten that last out but, at the time, I thought it was a good move to put Embry in. What a big mistake that was. It goes without saying that we need to win in Oakland. Oh, Game 2 starts in a couple minutes...

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