Sunday, October 19, 2003

More Observations

A now former classmate of mine made the comment that blogs are "for people with diarrhea of the mouth." I never really considered this statement to apply to this site but today I just have a lot on my mind and since no one is on AIM...

My favorite sketch on SNL last night was the "Don Zimmer Sports Spectacular." It took him awhile to get into character but Darryl Hammond's Bob Costas impression was dead on. My only complaint about the sketch was that, as a Sox fan, I know what both of the Fenway ballgirls look like and Halle Berry was not right for the part. Granted only New England viewers would know this and even then only viewers who followed the Sox but there are "Researchers" listed in the closing credits. Turing on the news is not adequate research, ok? Oh and God bless George Wendt for saving that Cubs sketch from the toilet.

This brings me to what I really want to talk about: whether or not Grady Little should be fired as manager of the Sox. Kevin Millar made an almost valid point the other day. He said that Timlin or Embry could have been put in and given up three runs and we fans would have wondered why Pedro wasn't left in. Normally, I would agree with this: us Sox fans do that. We complain. Sometimes that's all we have. In this case, however, Pedro was clearly out of gas and needed to be removed. Yes, Timlin or Embry may have given up three runs but Pedro was more likely too.

Should Little be fired? If you ask my mother's boss, the answer is yes. I'm not sure. The players like him. He keeps them loose which is good. It's good to have a manager that cares what the players think but it's the manager's job to make the ultimate decision. Grady should not have let Pedro dictate him staying in or not. What's he going to say? Pedro has always hated being taken out in the middle of the inning so the best solution is probably not to put him out in the 8th at all but then maybe one more out was a good confidence builder or something. The bottom line is Grady was indecisive at a key moment. That is uncalled for.

Is there anybody available to replace him? Um, Mike Hargrove comes to mind as a possibility. He did fairly well in Baltimore he just didn't have the talent. I think Jerry Manuel, formerly of the Whte Sox, is also available but I dont think he'd be right. If you have suggestions, I would like to hear them. Of course, if the Sox can't resign Normar, Varitek, Nixon, Ortiz or Walker, I think, then the point may be moot. (Notice I didn't say anything about resignning Pedro?)

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