Monday, October 13, 2003

New Theories

I feel more rested today so I'm going to do work. Yes I am...

First, the shows last night. Charmed was very good. Jenny McCarthy's sisters looked so familar but I can't place where I've seen them before. Anybody have any ideas? Oh well... Chris's comment about "all my life" was intriguing. Does this mean that he's not after Wyatt but perhaps is Wyatt? If this is the case, what is he doing in the past and what about those scenes where Chris is talkng with Wyatt? As Lady Vader mentioned last night, Chris isn't here to get his parents back to together since he's basically responsible for splitting them up. Maybe that's the mission. Maybe he has to split them up to protect them or Wyatt, which is himself. But would a person with good purposes do the "Darth Vader" thing on a woman as Chris did with one of the Valkaries? This bares further analysis.

Remember when I said the new season of Alias reminded me of The Next Gen episode "Future Imperfect"? (If you don't, go over to the Archives on the right of your screen and check out the September entries.) Well, I was thinking more about this yesterday. How do we know Sydney wasn't captured by the enemy, whether we're talking about Sloane or Sark or the Covenant, and in some drug enduced fantasy in order to get some access code or something? I think this because of things like them now trusting Sloane after only two years and Sydney still having the codename "Mountaineer." Do you recall her reading anything? I don't... I may have a new theory next week but for now just think about that for awhile...

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