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Smallville was interesting. The psycho woman angle has been done perhaps one to many times but the episode had many things that intrigued me. I loved the scene where Jonathan walked in on Clark and Alicia. That doesn't happen enough on TV these days. I was intrigued by Alicia's powers. Nightcrawler can't teleport somewhere he's never been but she can. Cool. I also like that there was a special room that blocked her from teleporting. You knew she'd find out about the kryptonite and go after Lana but those are probably minor nitpicks. Everyone goes after Lana on this show. So Adam was sent by Lionel to spy and Lionel's using Clark's blood to bring people to life. That's totally awesome. I honestly didn't see that angle.

Angel totally rocked. Even as a puppet, he kicks Spike's ass. Great scene. This episode reminded me of Meet the Feebles bit much cooler. I'm glad Nina returned. It's been too long since there was a werewolf character.

Odd how art, sort of, imitates life. Fred practically threw herself at Wes and he didn't notice until she came right out and said it. Nina was the same way with Angel although it was the whole office not her that pointed it out to him. Now, these instances aren't really connected to my situation but I found it odd nonetheless.

I received advice from two people on what to do. Thank you both. One suggested that I tell her immediately while the other suggested I try again with inviting her on a non-date outing. Here's the latest: last night, I arrive at the cafeteria and see her and one of my other dormmates. She tells me that they were just leaving because she had to get to class. She knows that I know her class didn't start for another hour. If she was interested in me as something more than a friend, I would think she'd stick around longer...This means she isn't interested or the thought never occurred to her which, in my experience, means the same damn thing.


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