Saturday, March 20, 2004

As Promised.

Stargate SG-1 could not have been much better last night. Dr. Weir, at least the Jessica Steen interpretation, fits into the role of SGC head very well. In some ways it might have been interesting to have a civilian at the helm. We'll never really know. Too bad.

That was a nice send off for the General Hammond character actually giving him something to do. That battle sequence was awesome. My question is though where did the Pentagon get the money to make all those X-302s?

Kinsey exited sooner than I thought. He was the VP for what, a few months? Spiro Agnew lasted longer. That was one of the best scenes of perhaps the season though. "Shut up!"

O'Neill's transformation was much more pronounced than the first time he "took a download." Was it because he had previously done so and this was a second dose or was it just this particular incident? There were rumors that he would Ascend. He didn't. He appears he was just was encased in carbonite or something...

It could be argued that SciFi lied to us. We were told that the Lost City would be found on Earth. They also told us, simultaneously, it would be found on a planet in the Pegasus galaxy. (Which is true.) Which is it? Shouldn't they have found some kind of clue at least in this episode? We have to wait until freakin' July for this minor detail?

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