Thursday, March 25, 2004

"That's exactly what Kyle's little brother is!"

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Yer South Park Quote:”Cartman there's and 80-foot satellite dish sticking out of your ass!"- Stan
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Both quotes are from one the best episodes ever. Oddly, I think it was the first episode... By the way, their commentary on steroid use in last night's episode was rather poiniant in their own special way...

Finally saw the Enterprise episode "Chosen Realm" last night. Frankly, I didn't miss much. The plot of religious fanatics taking over the ship has been done at least twice. ("Way to Eden," TOS and Star Trek V) This time, though they were dressed like Native Americans for some reason, they were more like Christian Right religious than hippies. They didn't want transport to the "12th Sphere." They wanted to use the ship to destroy people who don't believe as they do: that the Expanse was created in 9 days not 10. (I'd comment on how completely inane that is but I'll refrain.) Strangely, since this seemed like commentary on the current administration, complete with "Pro-Life" commentary, Trip "GW Bush" Tucker had maybe one line the whole episode... Having Archer play on the doubts of the bad guy's right hand man in order to get the other man's help was already done in Star Trek: Insurrection. The best part was when Archer IMed Phlox or at least it would have been if it hadn't already been done, more effectively I might add, in Star Trek: Nemesis. I know it's rare nowadays to have a Star Trek episode that's completely original but they have redressed plots better than this before...

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