Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tuesday Afternoon

There's a song title for ya Lady Vader...

What Mutant Powers Do You Have? by Frisket17
Dominate Mutant PowerHydrokinesis
Secondary Mutant PowerControl of Lightning
Rank LevelTwink
Affiliation/TeamHellfire Club
temperamentTeam Player
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Hmm Cool. I'm evil and I apparently can electrocute myself. I don't know what "Twink" ranking means but what can you do? What can you do, Marge?

After work, I ate at the Fresh City place at the Landmark Center (had a Buffalo Bleu wrap) and then went over to the grocery store to do some shopping. I forgot juice and vegetables.

I found out my grade this afternoon for that quiz I took the day my heart was stomped on. Not surprisingly, it was not good at all. The fact it was so bad leads me to believe either I'm the only one who did poorly, even though everyone had a bad feeling about it, so she didn't scale it or she changed her mind. If it's the former I can live with that. There are two more tests. I can pull this out. (Wouldn't that suck if I was kicked out of the program this close to graduation?) If it's the other option, she must be brought down.

Well, there goes me not posting on my classes...

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