Monday, March 08, 2004

Back To Campus

Not missed apparently while I was away. I don't know how I feel about this.

Saw two movies this weekend. My father and I went to see the movie Twisted with Ashley Judd. I found it fairly good but predictable. Every so often , they'd throw a twist in that think the killer was someone else, this happened maybe twice, but you always go back to the real killer.

I also saw bits of Wild Things 2 which is a prequel to that delicious Neve Campbell/ Denise Richards sex thriller. It even included an analogous "threesome make out" scene. Oddly, the actress who played the Neve Campbell character was hotter than the Denise Richards character which is not the case with the "adult versions" although I would not say no if Neve came to my door. The best part of the movie was that there was no nude Kevin Bacon...

Went to the silent auction/wine drinking/dinner thing sponsored by my mother's church. I won two items I bid on and drank two glasses of wine. (Can't hold my liquor the way I used to I guess.) To help me get over Heather, my mother tried all night to fix me up with a single mother in her church. Does she want grandchildren so much she'll take them prepackaged? You betcha...

Stargate SG-1: As you all know, I hate clip shows especially where it's actors other than the main cast sitting around discussing episodes but, having said all that, I really enjoyed it. Agent Woolsey may not be such a bad guy after all which I like because you can't have Robert Picardo or any Trek actor as a bad guy. (Ok, Patrick Stewart has pulled it off but that's it.)

Enterprise: This was such a good show. I love how that are doing a cliff hanger, meaning not having the concluding part immediately, in the middle of the season. I've never really seen that done before so well done! I loved the way T'Pol privately showed emotion for Archer. I'd love to see them deal with the fact she seems to have feelings for both Archer and Trip.

Alias: About damn time they had a new episode. Doing the show from first Vaughn and Syd's point of view then from Lauren's was good in parts and boring in others. There were two scenes they redid that they didn't need to since you learn nothing new from them. Again, Marshall rocks. Question to readers who have a SO: if they were wearing a ski mask that showed only their eyes couldn't you still tell it was him or her?

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