Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm Puff the Magic Dragon...

White Dragon
You are a white dragon, pure and noble, you would
help humans if they desperately need you. You
are kind and wise with a heart of gold.

Which Dragon resides in your soul? (cool pictures!)
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Alias was very good. You knew as soon as the group started talking about the mole Lauren would walk in. I mean it's so corny it's cool. Even though, she did it for her own ends, alerting Vaughn of her father's plans was a rather shrewd move on Lauren's part. They're more likely to trust her now, or so she thinks... Jack's on to her now. While it may seem strange to many that it would be he that actually believes Sloane, he has known him the longest. Frankly, the mole being Sloane seems way too obvious a conclusion for them to make. Personally, I think Jack could have shot Sark and still gotten the collar off before the toxin fully entered Sydney's system since it took him only two seconds to get it off anyway but he's not about to risk his daughter's life needlessly especially since he didn't even want her there in the first place.

A word or ten on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony: I didn't really care for the editing. Everybody had one song interspliced with their "acceptance speech" except Prince who had two songs unfucked with and he got to show off some more during the George Harrison tribute jam. (I swear Alicia Keys was going to give him a blow job or something...) I kinda understand only having one song from the Dells since who are they but Traffic should have had two. Bruce Springsteen's speech was very funny but he should have cut it in half. I love Keith Richards. Was he just drunk or was he stoned and why was he inducting ZZ Top anyway? I love the fact Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne came on stage to the Wilbury Twist though am grateful they weren't actually performing the dance...

Seeing Shatner on The Practice was very entertaining. I hope they use him more.

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