Saturday, March 13, 2004

When You're Gone

No, that's not "If You're Gone" by Matchbox 20, which I also like but the Bryan Adams' song featuring "Sporty Spice" Mel C.

Stargate SG-1 was oh so good last night. Kinsey is an ass and I really don't think he'll remain the Vice President much longer. (Actually, Ronnie Cox himself said in a recent interview that he wouldn't be.) Dr. Weir, if I didn't know that she wouldn't hold the position much longer, I think will do fine has head of the SGC. She can handle Kinsey just fine and that seems good enough. (I much preferred Jessica Steen's hairdo in Earth 2 to the "Sharon Gless" look she sported here.) Here's an odd bit o' trivia: this is the second time Jessica Steen's character had a connection to an "asshole character actor." First, Terry O'Quinn in Earth 2 and now Ronnie Cox.

We will miss "Hammond of Texas" though. I doubt he'll be permanently posted to the Prometheus since Don S. Davis is leaving the show and I'm sure we'd like to use the ship again but that'll be cool to see.

As much as no one wanted to think about what a second download of "Ancient Knowledge" would do to O'Neill, he was the best candidate to do it here. You need Daniel and Sam to translate whatever he's saying and Teal'c's a Jaffa so who knows if it would even work with him. This might also be why O'Neill is pretty much taken off field duty by being promoted. Hmm.

I was doing so well this past week. I even had a conversation with her about a trip she's taking this summer and was not thinking about "us." Then last night, it just hit me like a sledgehammer. Thankfully she went home this weekend or I'd be liable to do something incredibly stupid.

It's not really the fact I had a relapse that bothers me. It's that I can't figure out what triggered it. I haven't even opened the bottle of chardonnay yet...

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