Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Why haven't I blogged in two days? Well, Monday morning, "The Curse of the 'Babe' State" struck (I'm not referring to Babe Ruth. I'm actually referring to the fact all but two of the women I've been interested in have some connection to Massachusetts.) and Heather broke my heart. (And you thought I was referring to her as "Her" for some random reason...) Does anybody feel like doing anything when they feel like they were hit by a Mack truck and left for dead? No.

Stupidly, I decided to check my e-mail before I went to class and, low and behold, she had replied to my confessional missive which she referred to as "nice" and said she didn't want to lead me on and just wanted to be friends. This is better than nothing I suppose but I have enough friends that I never see or won't see after this semester. I really hoped for something more.

Checking the time stamp, I noticed it was sent just before she arrived at the Oscar party the night before. This, of course, means that she probably was indeed avoiding eye contact with me. Did I mention I had a test that afternoon? My concentration was shot to hell with such great tunes as J. Geils' "Love Stinks" and "How Do I Make You Love Me?" by the Corrs running through my head.

So that night, while watching the Average Joe get his heart trampled on again, I seriously wanted Brian (of Boston) to smack that bitch. She got hers in the end though. Heh Heh. Granted, I was in a "women suck" frame of mind...

Last night at dinner, I finally saw her since I received her answer. We were with others so we didn't speak about it. Get this. Fellow North Haller and friend Sarah asked those at the table how to find out if a a guy she liked was interested in her. I wanted to escape. Heather herself took that opportunity to get more food. I wish I thought of that...

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