Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Skunk Mating Season.

Apparently, female skunks show they're interested by "spraying the heck out of the male." This is wisdom according to some woman whose a sknunk expert on Ellen right now.

You're thoughtful Inuyasha! You have a very caring
and tender side to your personality that you're
often loathe to admit. Your trusted companions
really mean a lot to you, even though you don't
always show it, and you'd selflessly fight to
the death in order to protect any of them.
You're often embarrassed by your own kind
gestures and devotion, because they go against
your long-time instinct to be a loner. Slowly,
but surely, you're coming around, opening up
more. It's a good thing; we like the softer
side of you. And don't worry, it won't unravel
your badass reputation ;)

Which Inuyasha Are You? Now with pictures! ^_^
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Today, I'm baking creme brule brownies. Hopefully, someone's around to help me.

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