Sunday, March 14, 2004

Forgot a Few Things Who's Your Anime Girlfriend?

I have no idea who this is but that's really not surprising....

I wanted to talk about what I did last night. I highly recommend the movie A Mighty Wind. I laughed so hard. Actually, the music was pretty good. I may look into the soundtrack. Oddly, PBS was showing a documentary on Peter, Paul and Mary at the same time...

Meanwhile, a dormmate was doing laundry and, somewhere between her room on the fifth floor and the laundry room in the basement, she falls on the stairs and breaks her leg. It sounds serious. I'm told it'll require surgery. Coincidently, it'll be at the same hospital I dealt with. She's now in a commuter room in an undergrad dorm or at least will be. I'm told she's in good spirits.

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